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Access your target audience quickly and easily regardless of where they are located on the planet and regardless of their interests.

We have assembled a very experienced and motivated team that is dedicated to producing solid results for you. We have our own media buying team who get massive exposure for your brand through in-app ads.

We have also built a huge network of experienced and success-driven direct publishers who already have the audience you crave. Advertise with MuMillion today and turbocharge your mobile ad campaign!

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Maximize Revenue

At Mu Million, we will work with you to maximize your profits as an advertiser. we work diligently to increase your sales. Whether it be optimizing our publishers campaigns, scaling up campaigns, optimizing your offer's landing page, or even providing design services.

Deticated Account manger

Mu Millions account manager can strategize with you to drive quality traffic in your direction. Talk to a real, live human being! We will work with you to ensure your campaign's success. We ensure we give our clients the best customer service to fully maximize the benefits.

Global Coverage

Reach target audiences, increase engagement, drive online purchases, generate more quality Leads. boost revenue. grow customer base retarget consumers. Reach a more relevant audience across the websites top sites. opportunity: full deticated service, greater than 10M users.

Fraud Prevention System

Our technologies keeps the bots, crawlers and cloakers away, ensuring high-quality traffic to your offers. strong proprietary fraud prevention and detection tools. Total Fraud Defense combines a dedicated team and a suite of fraud-prevention technologies to secure your spend.


 Advertiser Mu Million

We help the advertisers to optimize their campaigns and provide the compatible publisher data for traffic sources by implementing features, which are more appealing to the user's interest.
We want your business to get expanded and earn more and more in the future. We focus on long-term goals as our dedicated team will monitor and help you in progress to check whether you are moving on the right track. Our goals are making your advertising campaign successful and sharing our experience with you.
Recieve the quality traffic you have been searching for Reach Targeted & Re-targeting audiences set all type of campaigns. pay only for qualified traffic with detailed stats and analytics & 100% Fraud Protection

Real Time Report

Extremely accurate real time stats on self refreshing panel page, you can even follow your earnings from an open tab when you are browsing on other tabs.

Direct Traffic

Over 90% of our traffic is made available through direct deals with our publishers. Buy from us to get first hand premium traffic for Worldwide

Advance Targeting

Precicsion targeting that connects you with quality usersThe main option in starting a new online campaign is to choose all filters that will help you to earn more with your campaign.

Big Database

Looking for a database based on geo's, verticals we got them all. We have all types of big databases, We also update our DB periodically and ensure the quality of each lead we provide.

Brand Prodution

Utilizing market's strongest anti-fraud tools together with our in-house technology makes fraud a rare phenomenon. We are the bot busting experts!


Mumillion top priority is providing a quality service to our affiliates in exchange for high quality traffic. Mumillion is extremely vigilant against fraudulent affiliates and traffic methods










Desktop adformats

Key advantages

Our network relies on the three main advantages, serving as the basis of our growth.

Qualified and experienced staff

We assembled a strong team of digital advertising experts and practitioners. Link for Mumillion is a group of skilled and dedicated professionals that thoroughly know the industry.

Advanced technological platform

Our in-house developed platform provides you with extended opportunities for control, advance targeting, budgeting, adformats, Design, Verified traffic, and customization

Best performing formats

We work with an entire range of formats capable of bringing about brand awareness and generating high income. Our formats will definitely make it possible to promote your product/service/app/site and to monetize your traffic.